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Paul Corfield

Paul Corfield

Paul Corfield was born in 1970 in Bournemouth, Dorset. He now lives just 10 miles from his birthplace. Paul clearly has a sense of belonging in the Dorset environment and this is where Paul takes he takes stimulation from. Saying "The Dorset landscape is an area of great beauty and an obvious source of inspiration."

Paul's early work was all about painting the exact reality of his subject. Years on his style has evolved in a way that now captures the essence of his subject without being bound by the restraints of realism.

This is what Paul has to say about his practice:

"I use a very limited palette of colours, usually just a couple of reds, a couple of yellows, one blue and white. From those limited colours I get any colour I want. The painting builds up quickly, the layers go on roughly to get a rustic feel, I wipe colour off and blend them with rags. This goes on for around 4 or 5 layers, there's always a definite end point when I just think yes, that's finished."

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