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Anna Blundell

Anna Blundell

Anna Blundell grew up in what was a little fishing village on the outskirts of Southport, Lancashire. Her family house was third from the “Embankment” that held back the Irish Sea. As a child she wandered along the embankment and onto the marsh, these must have been very early inspirations for Anne.

Anna loves the simplicity of her work, where perspective rules don’t apply leaving the artist free to capture the true essence of the scene. Many of the recurring characters in her work tell the tale of daily life. Some of her naive work has been inspired by Cornish Harbours, while other work depicts the English Lake District in all its glory. Her bright palette of colours, employed in each painting, imbues the scenes with all the gaiety of fondly remembered Summer Holidays.

This Is Summer. Sold

Acrylic on board

26 Warwick Street, Worthing, West Sussex BN11 3DJ

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