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November Newsletter

November 2017

CHRIS & STEVE ROCKS who represent a unique phenomenon in the world of fine art. Twin brothers who were born only seven minutes apart, they have created an extraordinary artistic partnership, due to a closeness and understanding that is beyond the imagination of most of us. They have worked together throughout their lives, and each of their striking oils on canvas is a true collaboration both in terms of technique and approach - a united response from both artists. The stunning abstract images that these extraordinary brothers produce are inspired by the overwhelming power of nature. While exploring the effects of light on land, sky and water, they aim to capture a moment in time, a unique and therefore unrepeatable experience. Their intention is to make the viewer aware that in art, as in life, everything is constantly changing. The passion and intensity of each piece reflects both their individual artistic aims and their personal journey through life.

“We work on every one of our paintings together. We find that our ideas inspire and of course influence one another and we talk over each piece as we work on the composition. Although we have few disagreements, we do learn from one another, and continually push ourselves and therefore inevitably our partnership towards ever increasing artistic challenges.”

Also we are pleased to have back in the gallery work from JOHN MYATT. Brilliant artist Myatt, is now one of the country’s fastest selling artists. He went to Brixton prison for being involved in the biggest art fraud of the 20th century. He has an extraordinary ability to paint in the style of any of history’s greatest artists. “In prison they called me Picasso.” Today Myatt paints on the right side of the law and his ‘Legitimate Fakes’ command thousands of pounds and are collected by fans across the globe. Myatt has said of his forgeries, “When I paint in the style of one of the greats… Monet, Picasso, Van Gogh… I am not simply creating a copy or pale imitation of the original. Just as an actor immerses himself into a character, I climb into the minds and lives of each artist. I adopt their techniques and search for the inspiration behind each great artist’s view of the world. Then, and only then, do I start to paint a Legitimate Fake.” Myatt’s latest forgery of The Mona Lisa in the style of Leonardo Da Vinci is now available to pre-order, so get in touch if you would like this masterpiece hanging on your wall.

New to us is sculptor ED RUST. Ed Rust is a Yorkshire-based British sculptor who constructs spindle-like bronzes which give a whimsical slant to sporting and other outdoor pursuits. Ed’s primary concern is to represent animated rather than static figures, and he achieves this by exploring the ideas of proportion, stretching and manipulating parts of the sculpture into extreme positions until they seem to be mid movement. Despite their exaggerated lines and humorous attitudes, these quirky figures touch people by tapping into the shared experience of sprinting down the wing or being pulled almost off your feet by an overenthusiastic dog. He studied art at Batley Art College where he discovered new ideas and was influenced by some great artists. A huge admirer of 20th century sculptor Barbara Hepworth, her modernist works have greatly influenced Ed’s style.

The new designs from Matt Buckley at Edge sculptures have started to arrive, the new colourways are simply stunning, we are really impressed and hope you are too….

We would love you to join us on Sunday 26th November for the Warwick Street Traders Christmas Event, there will street entertainment and the switching on of the lights, fun for all!

October Newsletter

October 2017

Well what a fantastic evening we all had with Tim Cotterill, the FROGMAN, we were so pleased to see so many of you out on a Monday evening! Thank you for your support as always. I have uploaded the video for you to see.

New in the gallery for October we are happy to introduce KEVIN BANDEE. Kevin’s vivid original images are inspired by fractals, infinite complex pictures of repeating geometric shapes that exist within nature. His ambition to recreate these amazing natural effects in his paintings was where his artistic journey began. He was interested in art from an early age and this interest matured into a passion. A self-taught artist and visionary, he began working with tools that he made himself and experimented with ideas ranging from digital landscapes to metal wall art. Kevin has explored a wide range of subjects, but when he came across the symbolism of butterflies he was inspired to paint them. He forged an immediate and immensely strong connection with this subject; through further research he discovered that butterflies are important symbols in many different cultures, often connected with joy, peace and transformation. Although he says he is not especially spiritual in his day to day life, the two things are connected in his mind, and this gives his art an added emotional dimension. Although he acknowledges his admiration for other artists, Kevin has always sought to depart from existing styles and genres and to make something which is both new and original. His extensive experimentation and the many hours spent painting in the studio have led him to a multi-layered approach in which varying depths of colour and texture create a mesmerizing whole. He uses acrylics and resin to create aqueous surface design. His technique is indebted to the Turkish art of ‘ebru’, involving marbling, pouring, chemical reaction, fluid and flow. “My aim has always been to find my own voice - a style free outside influences that has never been seen before, and my fractal inspired homages to nature are highly personal and, I hope, unique.”

We have also got JENNIFER HOGWOOD back in stock with a completely different style to her previous work. Born in 1980, Jennifer grew up in a rural village in Bedfordshire. Surrounded by rolling fields she spent as much time as possible outdoors, often riding. Although she always loved painting and being creative she had no formal art training and is completely self- taught. "I take something away from every piece I create and as an artist I am constantly evolving." Before starting to paint, Jennifer spends time with a pencil sketching freehand, adding more and more detail until she feels the composition is perfect. She then begins to apply the paint in layers, drying it as quickly as possible in order to build up a richness of colour and texture, then adding other elements to bring character to each piece. Jennifer's bold, distinctive style arises from an unerring sense of colour and a singular talent for observation. The new collections reflect this, being beautifully hand embellished, with little jewels to add a sparkle to the florals and birdlife. Just down the road from her house, Jennifer's studio is a former milking parlour on a working farm in rural Wiltshire. The setting is perfect with beautiful views and fields just outside the door. It's always peaceful and this sense of calm makes it the ideal place for her to work and produce these stunning pieces, let us know what you think of this new direction from her.

We hate to mention Christmas when it seems like the children have only just returned to school but bearing in mind there are only 12 weekends until the big day now is the time to start planning your gifts. We have some fabulous new works from the ever popular EDGE SCULPTURES, get in quick as these always sell out, we can store them for you if space is an issue. Or this year we are stocking beautifully detailed centrepieces from GENESIS, we are very impressed by the quality of these as they are so affordable.

If you can pop in and see us or don’t forget you can contact us via Facebook or Instagram….

September Newsletter

September 2017

We are super excited in the gallery as the countdown to THE FROGMAN event begins. The date for your diary is Monday 18th September from 6.30 to 8.30pm for Drinks, Nibbles and Fun. We are kicking off the UK tour and can’t wait to meet TIM….

TIM COTTERILL, originally from the UK and born in 1950, grew up in Leicester in the swinging 60's and 70's. Tim and his mates would roam the beautiful picturesque, lush green countryside on their bicycles in search of bird’s nests, frogs, newts and toads, falling into ponds and going home with wet, muddy shoes and socks. His parents were country folk who passed on to Tim an appreciation for the wonder and beauty of nature and the English countryside. However a holiday to California in 1972 changed his life, “It stirred my soul!” Over the years he took more inspirational trips to America, the more he visited the more discontented and restless he became with life in England. He describes how he feels he was ‘reborn’ in 1990 when he finally re-located to California. Venice Beach with its baby blue skies and palm trees a warm sunny paradise with white sandy beaches. These new, vibrant, high energy surroundings made him feel alive and excited about life again. He created his first bronze sculpture in 1990, and his first bronze frog in ‘91. The Frogman came into being, drawing inspiration from his childhood to create this wonderful range of sculptures. Frogman Bronzes are truly beautiful hand crafted bronze frogs in stunning jewel colours. “Never in my wildest dreams could I have dreamt how making that small bronze frog would change my life’s journey in such a profound, wonderful, positive way!”

Tim has become the biggest selling bronze artist in the world today with his elegant, stylised, whimsical bronze frogs. Along with this year’s UK show pieces Stardust and Sapphire, we will have some very special custom patinas available on the night. Tim will be happy to sign your purchases at the show. We have a limited number of matching editions available so call and pre-order them early. Also please confirm your attendance as spaces are limited…..

As well as planning for the event we have also taken on two new artists this month. The first being WENDY SATCHWELL. Wendy was born in Birmingham, and studied Art and Design at Redditch College of Art and then went on to Birmingham University to achieve her BA hons Degree in Fine Art/Textile Design. Her work stems from a love and passion for texture and colour, the strong movement of colour, line and space on the canvas draws the viewer in, into a ‘Dreams Journey’. The depth and richness of colours, composition and form in her work represents emotions, not only her emotions and feelings, things that have happened to her in past and present, but also feelings and situations that all of us can relate to at some point in our lives. Come and view the pieces at let us know what you think!

We are also loving HEATHER HOWE who grew up on the Lizard Peninsula near Cadgwith and after school completed a Foundation year and a BA in Fine Art at Falmouth School of Art and Exeter University. “There is a tradition in English gardening to create different rooms and spaces in which to lose yourself out of doors. As a painter and a gardener, I apply this ethos to my paintings. Many people tire of modern life and harbour dreams of leaving to somewhere to escape to where stress can fall away. Within my paintings I try to create this place regardless of the subject matter, country pathways, empty beaches and corners of woods and gardens.” These pieces really do take you on a journey….

We look forward to seeing you in the 18th, as always please get in touch by e-mail, Facebook or Instagram.

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