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September 2019

We hope you have all enjoyed the summer holidays and are feeling refreshed and ready for the children to go back to school. We have some exciting events ahead to add the dates to your diary.

We invite you to spend an evening with bronze sculptor Tim Cotterill, better known as FROGMAN on Thursday 3rd October 2019 from 6:30 - 8:30pm. Drinks, food, raffle and giveaways will be provided for an exciting night.

Tim Cotterill is the world’s largest selling bronze artist. Tim creates limited edition solid bronze sculptures of frogs, along with birds and lizards in various beautiful colours. Each frog has a unique personality and form. His imaginative sculptures are treasured worldwide by avid collectors.

On the night we will have the brand new 2019 UK Show frogs Royal Mint and Sovereign available for purchase. Each has been created with a lovely patina of colours in gold and green. Royal Mint is a numbered limited edition of only 50 worldwide priced £999, size: H 6.5” x L 15.5” x D 5”. Sovereign is a numbered limited edition of only 125 worldwide is £279, size: H 2.8” x L 1.5” x D 2”. We will have a limited number of both available on the night, so pre-order before the event to avoid disappointment. Tim will also engrave your purchase and will be offering special giveaways. Please RSVP as space is limited....

Available in the gallery we have some fantastic pieces from DOUG HYDE.The nation's favourite artist has chosen to celebrate all the uplifting ideas that have inspired him. Love and friendship, sunshine and laughter, hope and togetherness are all here, summed up in his heart warming style.

The stunning manipulation of colour, creative use of form and genuine diversity of content gives the collection maturity and modernity, confirming Doug's position as one of the UK's most enduringly creative artists.

We are very excited to again be a part of Sussex Art Fairs, this time in the East at Brighton Racecourse. The preview evening is Friday 11th October 2019 6 - 9pm and then open all weekend 12th and 13th 10 - 6pm. We hope you will be able to join us there.

August Newsletter

August 2019

We hope you are all enjoying the summer holidays so far, hopefully the sun will continue now the kids have broken up from school. We have some lovely new art to introduce for the summer.

SHAUN GAGG and his wonderful sculptures are proving very popular since we have had him in the gallery. Shaun was born in 1969 and brought up in the mining village of Wombwell near Barnsley in Yorkshire. At school he always enjoyed art and was fascinated by Salvador Dali’s work. Throughout his career he has been influenced by Barbara Hepworth, Henry Moore and Andy Goldsworthy whilst working in slate. Shaun jokes that if you were to ask his wife or any of his family to describe his work at this point, they would say “he has to go over the top and make everything twice as big as it needs to be”. This trait eventually became his downfall as his left leg eventually gave up due to the weight of the slate he had been carrying around. His leg already had pins and a metal plate in it from an old climbing accident and by the end of a long day working on the slate, he would be limping badly and in a lot of pain. He constructed an external metal calliper which went from under the heel of his boot up to his knee and was strapped to his leg. This helped in two ways; it not only took the pressure off his ankle, it also made him dig out his welder to make it. He has never looked back and for the last five years, he has made nothing but welded sculptures and whereas before, the natural shape of the stone dictated the final form of the finished sculpture, with welding Shaun can let his imagination run wild and make practically anything. Shaun still goes over the top and makes everything as big as possible, because after all, he is a Yorkshireman and so value for money is everything, even in art!

Also new to the gallery is CHARLOTTE ATKINSON. Charlotte lives on the south coast of Devon, with her family. Painting amongst the stunning seascapes and wild moorland. Her alluring and sensuous paintings are dedicated to our inner strength and vitality. A lifelong passion for figure drawing led her to Italy and the academic study of portraiture in Florence. Her approach combines the principles of her classical figure drawing background with a distinctive ethereal style. Her award winning artwork cultivates an awareness and connection to the body along with a curiosity and experimentation around how the body moves and feels. These paintings feel almost beneficial to our emotional wellbeing. Collectors describe Charlottes' paintings as "Creating a powerful atmosphere of optimism."

A very established artist with us is KERRY DARLINGTON. We love her work, especially these fantastic new unique hand embellished limited editions. ‘Dragon of The Underworld’ and ‘Dragon of Hidden Treasures’ priced at £595 each they are a great opportunity to purchase her work.

Let us know what you think of the latest additions to the gallery. Also to give you plenty of notice to plan your diaries October is a busy month for us with the Frogman tour on Thursday 3rd and Sussex Art Fair on the 11th, 12th and 13th, exciting times ahead….


July 2019

Firstly thank you so much to all of you who were able to join us at the weekend for the fantastic event with MAX BRANDRETT. We hope you enjoyed meeting such a character, with more than a story or two to tell....

Never before have we had a flash sale at the gallery but we have so much new artwork coming in that we need to have a clear out to make some space, so grab a bargain whilst you get the opportunity. The sale will run from Friday 5th July to Sunday 7th July OR to beat the crowds visit our website NOW!!!

With Worthing Pride happening on the 13th July we are pleased to be stocking some fabulous pieces from SARAH HOLMES , including the late great George Michael. Sarah produces art with an intensity and emotion that draws its audience into the soul of her subject. Her monochrome portraits of international iconic figures from the past and present are subtle in their execution, and raw in their finality. Combining smooth brush strokes and soft blending with stark lines and harsh edges, she builds up to 30 layers in her pieces to create a depth of vision rarely found in such a relative newcomer to the art scene. She is an undoubted rising star, and her pieces bring with them a promise of persistence and longevity. Sarah hides messages within her paintings which can be completely missed by the viewer, but once noticed, cannot be ignored - some are instantly recognisable while others are harder to find. She says, "I tend to choose strong characters to paint. Charismatic people. I want to celebrate people from history that have somehow changed the world we live in or at the very least made a lasting impression on it."

As always get in touch with us by phone, e-mail, Facebook or Instagram.

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