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Fabian Perez

Fabian Perez

Born in 1967 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Fabian had a difficult childhood. His father owned Bordellos and nightclubs, he was also a gambler. To this day, Fabian remembers the police coming to their house looking for his father, who would try to escape through the back door. Eventually his father gave up the business, lost everything and lapsed into depression.

But it is the imagery from his past that he draws on for his painting, His father being his inspiration. He is the cool guy outside the nightclubs and Bordellos in Fabians images. And the women are his memories of those that he saw at his father’s brothels and nightclubs. Fabian developed an immense admiration and respect for the beautiful courtesans he observed at his father's three brothels. No doubt it was his extraordinarily painful childhood that resulted in Perez seeking solace in the romantic ideal of life which is the heart and soul of his art.

Fabian traveled to Okinawa in Japan, experiencing the delicate nuances of eastern culture, He was heavily influenced by the Japanese painting techniques and after coming back to Los Angeles in 2001 he began his art career in earnest whilst working as a waiter a life model and a working hand at Universal Studios during the day and painting at night.

His career as a painter inspired him to write 'Reflections of a Dream,' a book later published in the US. After a year in Japan, which left two of his paintings on display in a government building, he moved to Los Angeles where he currently resides with his wife and young daughter.
Fabian's unique style of painting - which he calls 'Emotionalism' - uses colours, highlights, and shadows to express passionate feelings which are mined from the deep well of memory.

Fabian Perez' international success affords him the quiet time he needs to create his art and be with his family and friends, which he considers the three most important things in life.

"It is not how much you have, but with whom you enjoy it." - Fabian Perez

Brindis Con Champagne

Giclee Canvas on Board

Saba with Letter IV - SOLD

Canvas on Board - hand embellished

Tango en San Telmo SOLD

Giclee Canvas on Board

Tiffany With Champagne. SOLD

Giclee Canvas on Board

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