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Entering Ryder’s dreamlike world is like stepping into the mind of the painter himself. Mixing fantasy with naïve realism, he intertwines themes of romance, childhood and adventure to allow readers to escape reality.
The notoriously elusive artist prefers his art to speak for itself, shunning interviews and events. But his work opens a door into his psyche, revealing a masterful conjuring of light and shadow.
He uses a combination of oils, acrylics and pencils to create emotion and drama. After starting with a dark base, shadows and forms are brought out by contrasting them with bold colours and eye-catching light. In turn, a beam of adventure and promise shines through.
Ryder says: “My work was inspired by the need to escape from the sometimes harsh realities of this world. I want the viewer to feel relaxed and be transported to a dreamy place in their mind."
Ryder's life is shrouded in mystery, so we'll let his art do the talking.....

Sisters Growing Up Together

Limited Edition Giclee Print

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