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Sue Gardner

Sue Gardner

“Colour plays a mysterious and vital part in our lives”.
Sue creates big bold colourful canvases that will make a big impact on your home, adding joy to your life every day. As a synaesthete, she ‘sees’ colour in letters, numbers, words, names etc and she also ‘hears’ colour in music. Sue has often wondered if this has an influence her sense of colour in all her work.
Sue’s main driving force in life has always been a love of animals, and they are her natural painting subject. She has also take inspiration from the beautiful National Forest in which she lives.
Sue has battled with sight loss, due to her acquiring a rare condition called Sarcoidosis. However, she owes a certain amount of her success to this, as it was being ill initially that led her to begin painting seriously on a daily basis ten years ago. She lay in bed with soft pastel sticks and painted to keep her going. She now has impaired vision, but can still see well enough to enjoy painting, she just simply paints on bigger canvases.

Colourful Moo

Original Acrylic on Canvas

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