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October 2021

We hope you are all staying safe and well? It seems like time is flying by at the moment and we are starting to get new stock in ready for Christmas. For October our opening times will continue to be:

MONDAY & TUESDAY - By appointment

WEDNESDAY TO SATURDAY - 9.30am to 5.30pm

SUNDAY - 10.30am to 4.30pm

Doug Hyde’s heart-warming new collection is a vibrant celebration of love and friendship, hope and dreams, and above all, of being back together again. His extraordinary rise from virtual unknown to the most popular living artist in the UK has been meteoric. Yet despite his phenomenal success he has never lost touch with the realities of life, and has continued to produce work based around his love for his family, his unfailing optimism and his sheer enthusiasm for life. Doug has been featured on television describing his unique technique and talking about the people and events that inspire his heart-warming work. Inspired by his own emotional responses to life, Doug's intention is to provoke a positive response in others; his success in this aim can be seen by the huge impact his work has made on the British and international art scene.

We are delighted to introduce the new range from Edge Sculpture. The Chameleon, Panda Cub and 'Hear No Evil' the first release from a series based on The Three Wise Monkeys or rather chimps! They are available to PRE-ORDER in time for Christmas....

Neil Dawson’s cityscapes take inspiration from everyday images. He loves the buzz of the streets especially at night with headlights reflected on the wet tarmac, the energy of London buses and buildings reflected in the moonlit Thames. Painting in oil, the mood of his work changes from vibrant and dramatic to calm and serene as days unfold into night.

"I am inspired by the energy and colour of cities. I love to paint iconic architecture and imagery - hoping to spark a connection with the viewer, recreating memories of happy times spent in these dynamic cities".


September 2021

We have new and exciting releases to share with you this month from two of our artists. Jack Vettriano is obviously one of our best sellers and Neil Pengelly is brand new and already proving a big hit....


' Yesterday's Dreams '

A Premium Limited Edition of just 75 and 7 Artist's Proofs

Image size is 20" x 24"


Release date 17th September

'Yesterday's Dreams' is a beautifully composed picture of a lady looking out of a townhouse window. Released alongside Model In White, Cafe Days and Sweet Bird Of Youth. The original 'Yesterday's Dreams' oil on canvas measured exactly the same size as this piece and was displayed at the Chimes At Midnight exhibition in 1994.

NEIL PENGELLY has been honing his skills in drawing, painting and, more recently, digital artworks since a child and has now found the style of creating artworks that marries all of them. His art have evolved from the chalk and charcoal figurative pieces to a more exciting and looser blaze of colours with varying subject matters. Each piece and it's frame is striking with added touches of acrylic and oil paints, and bejewelled with diamond dust, micro glitters.

"A rolling stone gathers no moss" – Most artists usually add a saying or motto to their bio, so this is mine. It means nothing to me whatsoever, but thought I'd better come up with one." - Neil Pengelly

The reception that these stunning pieces have received has been amazing, we are struggling to keep them in stock so please contact us if you are interested....

We look forward to seeing you in the gallery or you can order from the website with free shipping on orders over £200. Keep an eye on Facebook and Instagram for updates and do get in touch if you have any questions!


August 2021

We hope you are all keeping safe and well? It is great that things are starting to get back to a sense of normality. For August we will be opening.

MONDAY & TUESDAY – By appointment

WEDNESDAY TO SATURDAY – 9.30am – 5.30pm

SUNDAY 10.30am – 4.30pm

With the summer holidays well under way some of you may be thinking about going away but if that isn’t an option for you how about transporting yourself elsewhere with the fantastic CARLOINE DEIGHTON. Her paintings are colourful, contemporary landscapes inspired by the British countryside. Growing up in rural Cheshire and now living in Eccleshall, she feels very fortunate to have lived in such lovely parts of Britain. She is a keen walker and happiest when at the top of a coastal cliff. She captures in her work the beauty she sees and feels while out walking on beautiful, warm, sunset evenings, and meeting the characters that she now incorporates into her paintings. Her paintings are in a mixed medium of oil and acrylic paint on canvas board and are lovely and bright and cheerful.

We are delighted to have available some lovely nostalgic oils of children from KEITH PROCTOR. He puts the children and youngsters very much at the centre of his works of art, displaying a knack for framing his joyful subjects in timelessly innocent, playful, adventurous poses. They more often than not feature his son Jack and a family friend's daughter Lily but of course we in turn relate to them as our children or grand-children up to mischief.

EAN DAWBARN is a fantastic sculptor. His work explores the complex and fragile correlation between humans and the natural world, and how as a species we continuously alter and change through design in our environment. Through his sculpture he showcases the graphic magnificence of the memories of both human industrial development and the stark reality of natural mortality.

The animals are painstakingly created using copper and brass obtained from recycling services and scrap metal merchants. Glaze textures are reached through reactive mixtures and all pieces are hand painted using a variety of different paints and finishes.

We are currently stocking his Sculptures of puffins in flight, landing, searching and perched. One of our Nation's favourite birds.

We look forward to seeing you in the gallery soon or please continue to get in touch by phone, e-mail, Facebook or Instagram.

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